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This is absolutely the Best Online School Program for grades K-12 on the Planet. The Future Education Needs are here with this Incredible Solution. The World Needs this Solution. And DTC Ambassador has created it. Experts in Online Marketing began work in Tutoring Solutions back in 2017. These solutions evolved with technology to create incredible ways to grow and build the education needs of our Children.

This is In-HOME Education:

  • We are blessed to have all the pieces to the puzzle. Elon Musk has been quoted many times on his views about Education. It is broken, and dysfunctional. That Fact is one that we all agree on. But solutions have been short. Until Now.
  • Furthermore; This is not “Home Schooling”. And we are big fans of Homeschooling. And for the parents and leaders that are behind Homeschooling, we are huge fans. Though to solve the needs of the World there are issues that need to be solved.
  • Teachers in this Solution can Get Paid Their Worth! We not only solved Education but we solved the issues of proper Compensation for the Teachers. This is powerful and effective. Well-paid educators will perform better and can share in the “Happy Energy” with their Students. We Love IT! As a result; we are gaining access to the Best Teachers in their Fields.

Just Some of the Issues that Needed to Be Solved to Solve the Education Needs with this Best Online Education Program:

  • Parents aren’t usually the Best Teachers for their Children. We do not even need to go into detail here. And a true solution needs to allow full access and transparency to the Parents.
  • Must be a situation where Education is delivered through Educational Experts. Teachers who are Qualified on the Subject and with the Skills to Deliver and Connect with the Student.
  • Must Be Flexible. Both in the Time of Classes and the Ability to Access the Curriculum at the Student’s Time. Live Classes as well as Recorded Sessions of Classes must be made accessible to the student.
  • Virtual Classes need to have Social Interactions. Seeing peers and being able to connect and share with peers needs to be allotted in the educational process.
  • Must Comply with the State’s Requirements for Grade Advancement and Degree and Graduation. Accountability and Testing must be done by the Student and their State.

And we have this and so much more solved. Because we are part of a huge Online Community, we are taking this to the reach of the Globe. This is something for Parents and Students to participate in. It is also a way for Teachers and Community Members to help and grow with us in.

Some of the Benefits of Online Education through this Best Online School Program:

online school program

Flexible Online Classroom Times: All Based on the available Teachers and their Times when they are running live Classes. Imagine the solution this brings where incredible Teachers in New York City can be teaching a Student in Waikiki or Los Angeles. Or Riverton Wyoming!

Recorded Classes Available: This is perfect for allowing a student to keep up with the class at all times. If the Student misses a “Live Class” or needs to catch up from being on travels with the family, they can access the recording online. They can keep up yet be a part of their own growth. This allows for such time freedom and advantages to stem the future of our children. So many aspects of this are perfect.

Parents and Students have Control of their Teacher Selection: There are flexible solutions for the students with their Parents to select the Teacher they are educated with. Because this is a Virtual Campus; the location of the Teacher is not an issue. And finding a Teacher that connects with the Student is a huge part of this Solution.

Costs and Funding Concerns and How They Are Addressed:

This is a Private Education Solution. Because it is established correctly; it allows for the access of funding solutions. Once the Parent Account and Students are in the Network the access to information for Funding is constantly made available. Plus, you will be happily shocked at the Value this Program offers. The results are priceless, though the Online Community supporting this incredible Solution is absolutely awesome.

Every Wednesday Evening we Make Time to Share with New Families, New Students and New Teachers how they can join in this Education Solution:

  • WHERE WE MEET: In our Global Zoom Access Room (JOIN US HERE). Or you can enter the Zoom Meeting Room: 267 159 642. We also have Alternate Access on YouTUBE. See the Channel Here. From that Channel, you can Access Previous and Supporting recordings. NOTE: When you find that the Global Zoom Room is Full to Capacity, no panic. LOL. Simply go to our YouTUBE Channel to access the Live Broadcast. We are unlimited in reach with today’s technologies!
  • WHEN WE MEET: On Wednesday Nights. 5:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm MST / 7:30 pm CST / 8:30 pm EST / 9:30 pm AST. Keep in Mind: Additional Meeting Times to help as we expand around the Globe will be made available.
  • WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: Bring yourself, your family, your students, your teachers (who want to see an opportunity to be a part of the Solution) and an Open Mind. We are doing the “NEW” and in a way that IS SOLVING the Education Needs of the Future. TODAY! Welcome to the Solution.

This is starting here in the USA. Supporting education for the States, Military Bases, and American Citizens all around the World. And for anyone wishing to gain in an American Education System that is NEW, IMPROVED, and ready to grow and expand with the Future. Furthermore; This is the Education Solution we need. Brought to you by Entrepreneurs and a huge Caring Online Community.

Advantages of the New Way of Schooling (Or Best Online School Program) for All:

  • This allows for Security in the Home Environment. Parents are involved, though Teachers are guiding the Curriculum. We get to allow experts to teach the children. Though with absolute oversight by the Parents.
  • This is a Virtual Solution: Allowing for absolute flexibility for the Student. Think about it. This brings in the best in Private Education for anyone. Be it a Smartphone or a Computer (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet).
  • Awesome Education and Access to Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities are Still Available: Coverage of access for Sports and Extra-Curricular activities thrive with this Education Solution. And will be covered in the Parent and Student Training Process. As a result, Students can access the best in Education and Options for Sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • Because we are a Growing Community, more will come always. More Activities and Course Studies More Access to Experts in Growing Fields for Opportunities for the Future.
  • The Sky is the Limit Here. There are vast directions this will continue to grow. The power of Capitalism and the Strength of Entrepreneurs and Teachers wanting to make a Difference is Powerful. As a result; We get to mold the future together.
  • Removal of Location Limitations. Allowing us to provide opportunities regardless of the Student’s Physical Location. As a result, making more options available to more Students. Globally. Because of the technology pieces we have created massive solutions.

And There is More to Provide this Online School Program:

Tutoring is Provided. There is access to Tutoring through this Solution. So Students needing additional Support can get it. And keep in mind, experts in Tutoring Solutions are behind this Solution. We are so excited as we take this Solution around the Globe.

For Educators interested in teaching in this unique setting, Here is the Information.

For Parents and Students Get the Details and Get Started Here