Multiple Streams of Income; the Internet Age

When you have multiple streams of income, you have security against the lows in the economy. With the power of the Internet, anyone willing and able to put in the time can bring in multiple streams of income. With a mix of residual and passive income, you gain financial security. Often this income can supplement other income such as a regular job, pension, retirement funds, or social security.

A Simple Work at Home Job | Making Money Online

Today, in 2024 and beyond, more and more people are finding the convenience of the Internet to not only communicate with others but also to purchase almost anything they want. That fact alone sheds light on why the world of doing business online has surged….worldwide.

I have entered into the world of Internet Entrepreneurs, maybe a little late in life but for anyone, the time is NOW, regardless of your age. I had a wonderful lifetime career as a registered nurse. My career gave me fulfillment, security, health insurance, and the ability to participate in retirement savings by contributing to the 401’s.

But I see others who started earlier in life to build multiple streams of income. They have enjoyed a life of freedom, time at home with their children, world travel, and savings well into the millions. I do wish I had started earlier. I could even have started to do a side business while I continued to work my 60+ hour a week JOB. But, better late than never, right?

Multiple Streams of Income on the Internet

Almost everyone has access to the Internet. Also, most have at least one computer in their home. In addition, may have SmartPhones that serve to increase access to the Internet. We have seen huge growth globally with the use of the Internet for nearly EVERYTHING. The recent worldwide pandemic has forced the issue even further. More people are working from home, children and adults alike are doing home studying via the Internet, and shopping online has hit an all-time high. I believe this trend will continue long after the Pandemic becomes history.

Adding more income streams to your existing job or business is convenient and very cost-effective. The benefits of having several sources of income make the effort well worth it. Here are some benefits I am realizing and several others I have heard from others.

Advantages of Working for Yourself, Using the Internet

  • You are your own boss. You only answer to yourself.
  • Making an income from the Internet can be done on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • The business you build can be passed on as a legacy to your heirs.
  • Anyone willing to learn and put in the effort to apply the principles can succeed as an Internet Entrepreneur.
  • Internet Business is HUGE. There is room for millions more to participate in this source of income.
  • The sooner you start, the sooner your business will grow and become profitable.
  • It is easier, and better, to create several income streams instead of one big one. It is easier to create 3 or 4 income streams that bring in $1000 each than it is to have one that earns $3000-4000.
  • Multiple sources of income reduce the risk if one should quit producing for you.
  • When you work with a team, you can grow the businesses together.
  • And, you can create those business streams based on your talents, and passions.

Where there are Advantages, there are also Disadvantages

Of course, there are some challenges to working on the Internet from home. These also come from my own experience and conversations with colleagues. Some disadvantages are more significant than others:

  • You need to be focused and goal-driven. This is not an easy task for some.
  • The temptation to do other “stuff” instead of focusing on your business
  • It may be difficult to keep on top of all the tasks that need to be done for every income stream. It is a balancing act to give the attention needed to each income stream.
  • Keeping track of income and expenses for tax purposes can be cumbersome especially when coming from several different sources.
  • Not every area has a satisfactory Internet connection.
  • Then, for me, I don’t get as much exercise as I need when I spend time in front of the computer.

Build Your Multiple Streams of Income

Take action to make multiple streams of income

Where do you start? Do you go it alone or obtain help? Initially, I tried to start my own blog. I read resources and watched many YouTube videos for guidance. But after several months I gave up on that endeavor. For you, the decision on what path to take should not be too difficult. Start with one or two streams of income and grow from there. Let me share Internet income areas you can focus on and I will let you know the path I have taken and finally found success.

There are MANY methods to earn an income from the Internet. There is no way I can address all of them here. So, my research notes these as some of the most successful ones. I give just a little snippet of information on each. You should research them fully before pursuing any of these.


Here you would set up a website. Select a hosting provider and a domain name. Decide on your niche and what you want to share with those who come to your site. It is important to regularly share interesting, current, and meaningful information and materials. For your site, you will want to keep your target audience in mind as you develop the content.

I decided this would be my first strategy. However, I needed to build my site and use this platform to develop my multiple streams of income. I found RRR247 Performance Blogging System and my niche is Health and Wellness with a focus on helping the Baby Boomer generation.

Your blog can be monetized through Affiliate Marketing. Here you use your web pages to market products for other companies and earn a commission when someone buys an item you have promoted. Another very good income source is Google Adsense. When you have completed your web pages, you submit your site to Google and get approval from them to add Adsense to your site. Then Google places ads on your site and you get paid “per click” when people come to your site and click on the Google Ads. The other strategy is to drive traffic to your web pages by advertising on Free Advertising sites and any of the social media you typically use.


Online Videos, primarily through YouTube and Facebook can bring you significant income. Here again, you will want to pick a niche that is timely and profitable. You create a following by those who sign up to “Follow” you. You share valuable, engaging, and entertaining, videos regularly. and make a name for yourself through your videos. Use your videos to promote products and also ads that are placed on your sites.

Just take a few minutes to surf around Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube and you will have a pretty good idea of how many people are using social media to market their products and services. I find YouTube particularly helpful in learning how to do things. Those people who have a big following have ads on their sites and are often offering products or services for sale.


This growing area can be very profitable. Freelancing is offering your service for money payment. When you have a particular skill that is in demand, this may be a great avenue for you. You can add this stream of income to the others mentioned here. I know people who have been successful at using the Internet platform for their consulting business, photography, online tutoring, and website development.
You can realistically freelance by offering any services you like as long you are confident that you can deliver results. Using social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others are great tools for advertising your service.


Again, another growing area for those using the Internet to work from home. Many companies make their goods and services available through Affiliate Marketing. I think you can find reputable companies in all areas who are searching for individuals to market their items. As an Affiliate Marketer, you obtain your marketing link and advertise these products/services via advertising sites, and all the social media sites previously mentioned. This can be very profitable when you select the right products for the right time.

I use my website Lifestyle Path To Wellness to promote the Affiliates I work with. I have found it very helpful to have a website that keeps my affiliates organized and a place to write up my reviews. However, you can market your affiliate products and services directly through advertising sites and your social media. I currently have about 30 different affiliates. Two of my favorites are Biohacking for Health and the Savings and Benefits Club. A couple of others have an enrollment fee and monthly subscription, but bring in excellent incomes and are free to me after I have a few referrals. These are a Wine of the Month Club (my personal favorite and best income producer), and Health and Wellness Affiliate, offering an amazing brain-health product I market Internationally. You can check my links to get further information on these amazing programs.

When selecting an Affiliate, it is best to stay within your niche. Research the company to select ones that have a good reputation and very good customer service. The Affiliates you select reflect upon you and your own business. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there in the Affiliate world, so beware.


Many people have found selling their own products online to be a successful home business they promote using the Internet. The only caution I bring up here is to NOT make this the only ONE income; you need to add others to diversify. Don’t rely solely on your own product. Surely, you can do very well, but the market changes so rapidly and you don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket. Digital products, especially ebooks, can do very well online. If you know programming, software development can do very well. I have an associate who develops online education and tutoring programs and she does very well with this. She has the knowledge and skills and shares them through this profitable media.

Start Developing Your Multiple Streams of Income

If you have ever considered working for yourself and bringing in those Multiple Streams of Income, take the step now. It has NEVER been a better time. The Internet is global, almost everyone has a computer or a least a smartphone AND THE INTERNET. If you want to have a platform that is ready to promote any of your Internet endeavors, I cannot think of a better one than the RRR247 Performance Blogging System. All of the best Internet Business suggestions mentioned above can be operationalized through this system It has worked for me and thousands of others. Here is our founder, Rory Ricord, sharing this program with you:

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Reviewed and Updated 2/26/24