Positive Energy and EMF

Positive Energy surrounding us has tremendous health benefits. In our current world, we are exposed to EMF, known as the electromagnetic field, nearly every second of every day!! It is invisible and we most likely are not even aware of it!! However, the reality is that it is present and at certain levels can be dangerous and even deadly. So, let’s check it out. What is it and how can we best protect ourselves and our loved ones? Chakra and healing crystals with EMF protection are fast becoming a popular form of protection. Get yours today!!!

Learn About Positive Energy and EMF

We live in a world of electronics and modern technology. There is no escaping it. Every year we are surrounded by more amazing electronics that make our existence more efficient and enjoyable. But, as we enjoy the comforts that modern technology provides, it also brings some negative consequences. Anything that uses electricity produces electronic magnetic fields. These waves of invisible energy emitted produce electricity. The combination of electric and magnetic fields produces the risk of potential harm to our bodies. We won’t even get into the effects on the environment as a whole!

Where Does The Electromagnetic Field Come From?

Just look at our lives, and examine the electronics surrounding you! The power lines (even buried ones), cellphones, microwaves, computers, Wi-Fi routers, and zillions of other electronics and appliances, send out streams of invisible energy waves. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are produced wherever electricity is used…in our homes, schools, and workplaces.

While some experts are concerned about the potential health effects of these fields, others don’t believe most EMFs are dangerous. The scientists who question the safety of EMF exposure say there hasn’t been enough research into this area. there are still some scientists who question the safety of EMF exposure. Many say there hasn’t been enough research into understanding whether EMFs are safe. Let’s take a closer look.

Some examples of High-Risk electronic fields include:

  • Cardiac Defibrillators using electroshock put our hearts back into a regular rhythm
  • Radiation, used in X-rays, and to treat cancer
  • Nuclear radiation
  • Cellular towers (highest levels near the top of the tower)

Low-risk fields are more common and exist in our everyday environments. They are found in almost every home and office. These include (among many others):

electromagnetic field
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Cellphones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Programmable appliances
  • Microwaves
  • And, even light bulbs
  • Also, the sun produces natural EMF in the form of UV rays (that is why your skin burns)
  • Powerlines are one of the biggest sources of low-risk electromagnetic fields.

Symptoms of Excessive EMF Exposure

I think most of us would not even contribute some of these common symptoms to excessive EMF exposure. Naturally, we also can experience these symptoms from other causes but if you have these symptoms frequently and cannot contribute them to a known problem…think EMF exposure!

  • dizziness
  • headache
  • tremor
  • loss of concentration
  • memory loss
  • sleep disturbance

Suggestions to Increase Your Positive Energy and Reduce EMF Exposure

There are simple actions you can take to minimize your EMF exposure. By combining many of these, your long-term benefits (and those of your loved ones) will benefit in health and wellness.

  • Avoid placing your phone near you while sleeping
  • Place your phone in a purse or carry bag instead of pockets and not right next to your body.
  • When possible, put your cell phone on Speaker and place it a couple of feet away from you.
  • Limit the use of the cell phone. Think about your utilization and decrease it by 50%.
  • Don’t sit near your TV or Alexis device. The further the distance, the better.
  • Important: children should not sit near the TV. Gaming should also be done at a distance.
  • Place your Wi-Fi router and other devices as possible, as far away as effectively possible.
  • Don’t keep Wi-Fi Devices in your bedrooms.
  • Limit the use of smart light bulbs because they create more radiation
  • The use of incandescent bulbs should be encouraged.
  • Consider EMF anti-radiation neutralizers. These act as a cover and give protection from the radiation. is available in the market which acts as a cover on the devices and gives you protection from radiation.

Positive Energy Jewelry – EMF Protection

There are some natural protection devices and jewelry that can greatly reduce your exposure to EMF. While scientists are still debating the effects of positive healing stones and magnets. In several spiritual cultures, there are centuries of use of types of stones that help to increase positive energy flow. Your CHI, your natural energy, flows through you to help protect you from outside elements. So give serious consideration to wearing a beautiful stone that will enhance your own natural CHI. This short video shows you the amazing handwork that produces one of the best lines of CHI-O Jewelry. These amazing products are luxurious and not only protect you but also look beautiful. These are designed to protect you from EMF pollution that is harmful to your health.

Yes, these amazing and beautiful positive energy jewelry are reputed to help protect against EMF. As you saw in the video, they are crafted by amazingly talented Bali artisans. With spiritually infused positive energy, you transition to protection from an EMF polluted environment.

Healing Energy

We are learning more and more about alternative ways to improve our health and longevity. This is one more natural, new-age science to bring healing and positive energy. I hate taking medicine, and maybe you do too! The stress of our world can lead to many ailments. Some people use chakra beads, energy stones, and other devices to protect them from excessive EMF exposure. A dear friend of mine swears by wearing her hematite beads. You can be in style and look amazing with your healthy, positive energy EMF protective jewelry.

EMF Protection For Your Home

Take a wider approach to providing EMF protection throughout your home. These items include an attractive Room Balancer (shown in the picture), a Remote Balancer, and a Computer Balancer. Check out the website for these and other items to protect your entire home.

This Room Balancer is powered by a small, rechargeable battery (one charge will last up to 6 months), you can easily take it to your office or while traveling to enhance your atmosphere while you are at work or on the go

Positive Energy and EMF: It Isn’t Too Late To Improve Your CHI

While we love our modern technology and comforts, they produce harmful emissions. It is up to us individually to protect our health and our loved ones. So, our daily uses may not be too harmful, but there are cumulative effects to prevent. Using sunscreen when outside in the sun helps protect from UV rays. Turning off unused lights. Maybe grilling more often instead of cooking on a stove or microwave. Have a glass of wine, and sit around the fire and enjoy yourself. Wear your protective jewelry while looking fabulous! In all things, protect yourself and your family. Why not take action NOW to stay healthy and enjoy all that the world offers us?

In addition to the CHI-O Jewelry, this innovative company also has EMF protective devices for your home, office, car, and travel. Check out their offers to minimize EMF damage in your environment.


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Updated 11/30/23