Ultimate Guide To Job Interview

Review the sample questions and responses to prepare you for your next job interview. You will learn how to:

  • Be confident in your presentation and answer questions calmly and with certainty.
  • Package your job experience to fit perfectly for that new position.
  • Use professional metrics, words, and phrases to communicate your value.
  • Prepare to answer those tricky behavioral questions.
  • And, importantly, plan the best questions Then you will ask the interviewers, showing them you are engaged and smart.
  • Finally, tell them what they want to hear to land that job!

I came across a reference to your book through LinkedIn on how to make a good impression during an interview. I’m just recently unemployed and felt that your book was a Godsend! … Prior to my current situation, I worked at a large hospital for eleven years. It came as such a total shock that I cried for almost 2 weeks straight. I did not know what I was going to do. So as you can see, your book has come at a critical time in my life! Thank you Bob for giving me and many others a leg up in landing a job. -Kelly Jones

You will be prepared to answer many of these questions and more…

  • Why have you had four different jobs over the past three years?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Please explain the gaps in your employment history.
  • Why should we hire YOU over another qualified candidate?
  • What would you expect to accomplish here in your first 90 days?
  • Provide us an example of a hurdle you were faced with in your last position and how you overcame it.
  • Tell us how you motivated other people at your last job.
  • What do you believe your greatest weakness is? What are some examples of areas where you feel you need improvement?
  • In addition, share with us a decision you made that was unpopular and how you implemented it. Would you do anything differently next time? 

There is a specific process for answering questions. Even slightly incorrect answers can stop your chances dead. As a manager in medical devices who has interviewed hundreds of people over the years, I would always look for reasons NOT to hire someone in the interview. I would describe your Guide as a must-read item to be prepared for what is going to come at you — because it will! -Bill Beckman


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Landing a new job in a competitive field can be very challenging. You will answer questions confidently and present yourself most positively during the job interview process. Gain the edge needed to land that job offer. Furthermore, the information provided will give you that edge and increase your probability of a job offer.

There are over 80 behavioral interview questions with over 177 example answers. You can easily adapt these to your situation and make them your “own”. So, our purpose is to prepare you for all the most common questions you must answer. Likewise, I know you will feel so much more comfortable when you are in the know.

“Nail That Next Important Job Interview”

Sometimes you will answer what seems like crazy questions. So, what would you say if someone asked you what is your favorite dish to bring to a potluck? Yes, that is a crazy question, but that kind of question you will get!!

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Reviewed and Updated 2/27/24