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….Certified Cruelty-Free by the Leaping Bunny

I searched high and low throughout the Internet to find these amazing, all-natural soaps and other related products. Multiple requests from several members of my blog asked me to bring them natural, environmentally friendly products. I found this All Natural Soap company featuring products that have the added bonus of NEVER using animals to test the products at any point in the development. So, let me share with you what I have learned and why I am featuring this company, and all they have to offer.

Everyone uses products to clean their bodies. Perhaps we already have favorites we typically use. When we take our showers and wash our hair, face, and body, most of us like to not only feel clean but want our hair to shine, our face to be healthy, and our skin overall to be soft. Well, Apple Valley Natural Soap has products fitting a variety of needs and preferences. Read on to learn about some of these. In addition, the website is amazing and so well organized. You can learn about every product they have including recommendations and a listing of the ingredients.

I mentioned that their production process NEVER uses animals for testing at any time!!! Apple Valley Natural Soap is Certified by Leaping Bunny. Leaping Bunny is the gold standard for products of household and personal care where NO animal testing is ever performed in the development or production. This is important to me and many others who follow this blog. So I am pleased to bring you these truly fantastic soaps, hair rinses, candles, and accessories.

Some of their most unique products are shampoo bars. Now, I have always used shampoo in a bottle, liquid form. Using a shampoo bar is different for me, but it is an easy transition once you try one from Apple Valley Natural Soap. The variety is surprising. Here is a small sample: Peppermint Tea, Lavender Buttermilk, Coconut Milk, and Citrus Shampoo Bars. Not sure which one you would prefer? No problem, just select a few samples to try before you buy a full-size bar. I recently purchased several samples to send to my sister who works in the Middle East, where the air is very dry and wind harsh; I am anxious to have her share her experience with the products. I’ll be sure to post her comments here.

In addition, the sample packs, as well as the other products, are all packaged in an Eco-Friendly way Even the clear bags used are made from plant material and certified compostable! Apple Valley Natural Soap is VERY serious about its impact on our environment and leaving a minimal footprint on our world.

Yes, the soaps smell great, but the different ingredients used also promote healthy hair and smooth and moist skin. For instance, their Masala Chai Shampoo Bar contains black tea and the scent of cloves, ginger, orange, cardamon, black pepper, anise, and cinnamon.

Black tea contains vitamins E and C, along with polyphenols that help protect your hair and leave it nice and shiny. The tea also helps with hair growth and functions as an anti-inflammatory helping with issues like itchy scalp and dandruff. The lather is fluffy with a lovely scent in a moisturizing Shampoo Bar.

This is just one example. You can learn more about each soap bar. The Apple Valley Natural Soap website provides even more information on every product.

How Do I Wash My Hair With Natural Soap Shampoo Bars?

A Shampoo Bar For Every Type of Hair

Just get your hair nice and wet, take the shampoo bar, and rub it all over your scalp and hair. Lay the bar down and work your shampoo into a wonderful lather, then rinse. Very Easy. You may find the first time you use the shampoo bar your hair is going to feel quite different. BECAUSE you are using all-natural soap products; the bars are not laden with chemicals that strip away the natural oils. You might want to try the Herbal Infused Vinegar Rinse or the Citric Acid Rinses (available in four different lovely scents) as well. This helps to eliminate the build-up from your previous shampoo and leaves the hair shiny and manageable.
Are There Other Soap Products?

You will be surprised at the variety of products offered. I invite you to check them out on the website HERE. There are fabulous bar soaps for your face, hands, and body, and of course, the Shampoo Bars described above. Every Natural Soap recipe is different and carefully made with ingredients such as coconut milk, buttermilk, goat milk, oatmeal, rhassoul clay, aloe vera, and many more. I am confident you will find just the right soap for your needs and desires. They also have products that are gluten-free or Vegan; there is plenty to choose from.

In addition, the website has a helpful section to assist in your selection of the soap bars just right for you or a gift for a friend or family member. I love the FAQ’s and the discussion boards. There are not many product websites as user-friendly as Apple Valley Natural Soap. I love it and believe you will too.

Try These Additional Amazing Natural Soap Products

How about your everyday bar soap for washing your hands? Try one of Sink Salt Bars, naturally antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, they are a great selection for keeping hands clean where it is most helpful. These bars are quite large, but you can get a half-size for smaller hands.

Then for babies or those with sensitive skin, try one of the unscented bars: Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Bean bar, Calendula Castile bar, Lavender and Chamomile bar, or the Virgin Coconut bar.

Men love great soap too. There is the Shaving Bar Man 2.0, and some other favorites such as the Peppermint Tea Tree, Wild North, Charcoal Detox, and Bamboo. Each makes a wonderful lather, nourishes the skin, and smells oh-so-great!

Let’s not forget our family dog!!! Apple Valley Natural Soap has a Pet Shampoo Bar with ingredients specifically designed for our pets. We don’t want to use people’s soap on our pets as some of the essential oils found in human soaps can be harmful to animals. Enjoy your pet smelling fresh with luxurious fur and may even help to restore your pet’s skin to its natural healthy condition.

The packaging is environmentally friendly. Apple Valley Natural Soap is serious about reducing its carbon footprint and doing all it can to eliminate waste. The soaps are wrapped in paper, samples are mailed out in clear bags made from plant material and compostable. The mailing packages are 100% Recycled Padded Paper Mailers. Also, glass instead of plastic is used where possible.

The benefits of Apple Valley Natural Soap are evident. Achieve clean and healthy skin AND provide products that are Eco-friendly and made without testing on animals. A WIN-WIN all around. Here is the link to get all the Natural Soap products you would like. Link to Natural Soap.

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