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Please contact me anytime at Lifestyle Path To Wellness. We are building a community of friends, members, and visitors. Your comments, suggestions, and questions are very important to us.

All the things you are seeing in Lifestyle Path to Wellness are intended to provide value; we back them up with our overall online community. This is a community that meets all the time to better “Our Fellow Man’. We focus on building up and supporting healthy and wealthy families. Globally.

I have included a short blog page to introduce myself, Darlena Stevens. I share this information here.

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We will not be overbearing. It will be about what you need and nothing more. We are reaching Millions and Millions every day. Our community consists of tens of thousands of Sharing and Caring Community Members. And in this HIGH TECH World, we are a voice of High Touch Support.

Here is my phone numbers where you can leave me a message because in most cases I am not able to answer them immediately. This is my cell number (951) 337-1579 or my Google Voice Number is ‪(323) 929-2555. You can text or call any of these numbers but I have them turned off most of the time between 9 PM and 6 AM Pacific Time. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

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Then we are excited to welcome you In and to Walk you through an Incredible Place. There is nothing like this on the Planet; but here. We started in 2008 with the intent to allow for Incredible Wealth Sharing and Evolution as the Technologies Carry Humanity into the Future. This Link will take you to the site where you can request more information.

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If we have not been reaching out to you through SMS/TEXT or Emails already, then you need to get connected with us. To do so, REGISTER to the Right of this Information Page into our Email Notification System.

From there you can reply to any of the Emails that we send to you as members of this Community System. From there we would like to get with you over the phone or Zoom so we can support you in gaining the most from our Community Here.

We offer Solutions for Multiple-Streams of Incomes to boost the Family Economy. Furthermore; We are part of an incredible Support and Solutions Team.

Thank You, we cannot wait to meet you. And whatever you want to be a part of here; you are going to Love what we do and how we do it. Again, Darlena Stevens, Lifestyle Path to Wellness, HERE. My email is at the bottom of this page as well.

Darlena Stevens