Crypto Mining Watch: Latest Technology

Proof of Sensing is a new way to mine cryptocurrency, and there’s a new health-monitoring, crypto-mining watch that uses this technology. Proof of Sensing means that you mine cryptocurrency based on how much you use a certain product and/or service. In this case a watch. While we’ve used many different health-monitoring devices, from simple wristbands to many different brands of watches, this is the first health-monitoring watch we’ve ever seen that also mines cryptocurrency. So, how does that work, exactly? Well, we search for information and the development of the product, then try them out ourselves, and learn the nuances, benefits, and applications before we bring the product to you. These watches are amazing, such a great advance in the world of healthcare and integrating technology. These are all they claim to be and more!! Here’s what we found:

So What is a Crypto Mining Watch?

The concept behind the crypto mining watch is brilliant. I am amazed by the advances made with the availability of health information right on our wrists! We’re talking about Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci…brilliant. The concept is similar to Social Media Platforms but without the loss of privacy… And without the feeling of Big Brother watching over you constantly… Stockpiling all your private data for use by who knows who, and for who knows what. Equally brilliant, it pays everyone who uses the watch, not just the founders of the company.

Telehealth – Happening

This is How Social Media Platforms Work

We know social media platforms, like Facebook, allow you to use their platforms for ‘free’… As in you don’t pay money to use the service. However, those services have made their founders extremely rich. Just look at the net worth of social media company founders. How do they make so much money on a ‘free’ service? They collect your private data: Age, sex, interests, where you live, places you frequent, purchases, where you are right now, spending habits, etc. They store all that data on their servers. Then sell it (or at least sell access to it) to companies to provide targeted marketing for their products and services to you.

So, you use these services ‘for free,’ but at a cost: They constantly watch and analyze you. Not to mention they store your data on private servers… To which you, yourself, have no access or control… But which can be hacked and leaked. And you don’t benefit financially from the sale of your private data… Only the media companies benefit financially.

This Crypto Mining Watch was born from a similar concept, only better. Much, MUCH better. Not only does your data benefit your health, but also the health of the entire world’s population. But most importantly, your data is anonymized… So, you retain complete privacy. And it pays YOU for your data. In other words, it pays you to be healthy.

How This Health-Monitoring, Crypto-Mining Watch Works

What It Monitors

First, the health-monitoring functionality of this device is more thorough and more advanced than any other device on the market. It uses multiple non-invasive, medical-grade sensors to collect 18 different measurements. Of course, it offers all the standard features that all the best health-monitoring watches offer… Such as calorie, step, and swim-stroke counting, multi-activity tracking, heart rate, and sleep analysis. Additionally, this watch offers continuous monitoring of key health factors such as body temperature, heart rate, Blood Pressure, SpO2, and many other health and fitness parameters. The highly advanced, patent-pending sensors enable medical-grade measurements with improved data accuracy for Blood Oxygen measurements, Vascular aging, and ECGs/EKGs. And with the Bio Impedance Sensor (BIA), analyzes your body composition.

It even monitors air quality, has a fall detection feature, and will send you alerts when your body temperature is outside of your usual range. The capabilities are mind-blowing. Just think of how you can use such a watch to monitor the health of yourself and members of your family!

Analysis, Storage, and Use

Second, your data is analyzed and displayed in graphic form on your watch, while a full report is available on the app. You can use this historical data in the app for your analysis and/or share it with your doctor. Any doctor will tell you that the measurements they take in the office are helpful but limited in their ability to assess your overall health, as they are measurements of a single point in time. However, having the ability to analyze all that same data collected continuously over some time is far more helpful in assessing your overall health.

Then, your data is anonymized and stored on the blockchain. (For a better understanding of what a blockchain is, read the section about Blockchain on our Cryptocurrency info page, here.) That means no privacy invasion and no private servers to be hacked. From there, and at various points in time, anonymized data from all users is hashed (broken into chunks) and sold to doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other medical research institutions. They, in turn, use this data to create better understanding, better medicines, better procedures, etc. for the entire world’s population. And because all your data is anonymized and combined with lots of other anonymized data, your privacy is protected.


How This Crypto-Mining Watch Pays YOU

Now, here is the beauty and brilliance of having this entire health-monitoring ecosystem on the blockchain and tied to cryptocurrency. You earn cryptocurrency just for wearing and using your watch. You are effectively mining cryptocurrency just for using the watch. (For a more in-depth explanation of Crypto Mining, see our blog article, here.) The value of that cryptocurrency is based on the value of the data sold to doctors, hospitals, etc. The more money made from the sale of that data, the higher the value of the cryptocurrency. And the more you use your watch, the more cryptocurrency you earn. READ THAT AGAIN!

You get paid to monitor your health. You provide invaluable data to doctors, hospitals, and researchers for the benefit of all mankind. AND your privacy is protected. As I mentioned earlier in this blog post, this is brilliant! Futuristic brilliant TODAY!

Tap to Pay

So far, we haven’t even touched on one of the most loved features of this crypto watch. When shopping with any retailer with the wifi pay symbol, you can use this watch’s Tap to Pay feature. That’s right. You don’t need your wallet credit card or cash. Just tap your watch and pay. You can even pay with your earned cryptocurrency because the monetary conversion from crypto to dollars is automatic. How cool is that?

Want one?

This product is available right now and is available to those who want to take control of their health.

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