Women’s BEST at Home Exercise Program

Every woman can benefit from this BEST at Home Exercise Program. This program, developed for Women by Women, is well-known throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. For nearly 30 years this women’s exercise program has been provided in hundreds of franchises. NOW, the program is available to follow at home.

best at home exercise program
  • COACHING via group video calls
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to MyCurves On Demand workouts
  • EQUIPMENT INCLUDED high-quality resistance band shipped to your home
  • EXERCISE SCIENCE with over 20 years of research
  • FUN, FAST, SAFE total body workouts

With our need for social distance and to protect ourselves, more and more of us are staying in our homes and away from indoor gatherings. I know myself and many of my friends have had a difficult time staying in shape.

With this trusted and proven 30-minute total body workout, performed at home, you will increase your flexibility, improve your strength, and achieve that healthy life you deserve!

The BEST at Home Exercise Program

***Developed for Women, but Men can certainly benefit as well***

***Exercise When and Where You Wish***

best at home exercise program
  • Unlimited Access….24/7/365!!!
  • Fun, Fast, Proven results
  • Safe and Fun
  • New Content Monthly
  • Specialty Classes; something for everyone at every level
  • Women coaches with knowledge on helping you achieve your best

The 30-minute workouts include warm-up, cardio, strength training, cool down, and stretching. Join now and the effective resistance band will arrive at your home ready for use during your workouts.

Patty: “I was so excited to bring this complete workout into my life. I needed to stay toned and strong to enjoy and do all I want to do.”

Barbara: “I am now working out at least 3 days a week at home. I’m already seeing some of my muscle tone coming back!”

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The program can be used on your favorite device anytime you want. The workouts are available to use on your mobile, computer, tablet, computer, or television.

Get In Shape and Stay In Shape

There are several programs you can select from. Which one works best for you and your needs?

  • Body Basics
  • Balance
  • Cardio
  • Boxing
  • Express Workouts

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Review and Update 10/30/23