As a Baby Boomer myself, my interest is in providing value to my “peeps”. I keep my mind and ears open to the current issues faced by my generation. Throughout my Website, I trust you will find value and growth.

I do my best to bring you relevant topics. I am starting this Category in September of 2022. Be sure to sign up for my Baby Boomer Newsletters here so you receive my latest content. I too face many of the same challenges I address here and I try to make it as personal as possible. Throughout my “working” years I was a Registered Nurse. You will find my medical background creeping into my pages…if so, just know being a nurse is an everlasting part of my identity and I just can’t help myself sometimes. I am passionate about helping my fellow Baby Boomers have incredible, independent lives, and thoroughly enjoy every minute of every day.

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Baby Boomer Health Issues: This section addresses many of the health issues we Baby Boomers are faced with. As a retired Registered Nurse, with a Ph.D. in Nursing, I strive to keep current in my medical knowledge with a particular focus on aging. On this Blog Page, you will find information as I add content. Follow to learn topics of interest.

Overcome Procrastination in the Golden Years: Join me to overcome procrastination. Welcome to the world of Diamond Divas and friends as we learn of techniques and resources to do just that! In our fast-paced lives, the struggle to overcome procrastination is universal, and it’s a challenge that doesn’t exempt anyone, regardless of age. Gain access to a FREE copy of my book “Procrastination No More: A Seniors’ Roadmap To Getting Things Done”.

Pursue a New Career After Age 60: When is a person too old to pursue a new career? Face it, it is a common misconception that after the age of 60, a person cannot learn a new skill. That is bull s–t!! But the truth is, you are never too old to learn something new. Age is just a number, and there is no such thing as a perfect age to start something new. Learn More Here

Who Are Baby Boomers? Baby Boomers are a generation of people born between 1946 and 1964, following the end of World War II. This group of individuals is often characterized by their penchant for hard work, their dedication to their careers, and their strong sense of community. I am a proud member of this generation. Read On

I find AARP to be a wonderful resource for senior citizens. Are you a member? The enrollment is very low considering the benefits and information this organization provides. Here is their website:

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