Who Are Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers are a generation of people born between 1946 and 1964, following the end of World War II. This group of individuals is often characterized by their penchant for hard work, their dedication to their careers, and their strong sense of community. I am a proud member of this generation.

Notably, one of the defining characteristics of Baby Boomers is their work ethic. Many of this generation grew up during a time of economic prosperity. They were taught the value of hard work from a young age. As a result, they are often known for their dedication to their jobs and their willingness to put in long hours to succeed. I believe these attributes came from our parents who lived through very tough times. Our parents lived through a deep economic depression and World War II.

Another defining trait of Baby Boomers is their strong sense of community. This generation is often credited with helping to build and strengthen the communities in which they live. They are active in their neighborhoods, frequently volunteering their time and resources to help others. I live in a 55+ community and the generosity of my neighbors when it comes to helping each other out is indeed amazing to me.

Baby Boomers and Traditions

Baby Boomers are also known for their love of tradition and their desire to preserve the past. This generation is often nostalgic for the music, fashion, and cultural events of their youth. They often pass these traditions down to future generations. Who can forget the Beatles, Gone With The Wind, and the mini-skirt? Memories of the MANY trends and newsworthy events throughout my life can get me going for hours. We have our very own Trivial Pursuit game!! (This was brought out in 1983. You can still find it on Amazon: Trivial Pursuit Baby Boomer Edition Subsidiary Card Set)

Despite their many positive traits, Baby Boomers like me have also faced our fair share of challenges. One of the biggest challenges has been the rapid pace of technological change. Many Baby Boomers struggled to adapt to new technologies, such as computers and the internet, and this has caused some to feel left behind in the digital age.


Despite these challenges, Baby Boomers remain a vital and influential part of society. They are active and engaged members of their communities. They continue to make meaningful contributions to the world around them. Whether through their work, their dedication to their families, or their commitment to giving back, Baby Boomers have made an indelible mark on the world. We see that continue to do so even as advanced age approaches.

One of the most important contributions of the Baby Boomer generation is their role in driving economic growth. Many Baby Boomers grew up during a time of prosperity, and they were taught the value of hard work and the importance of a strong work ethic. As a result, they have played a key role in building successful businesses and driving economic growth.

In addition to their contributions to the economy, Baby Boomers have also made a significant impact on the cultural landscape. This generation is often credited with helping to shape popular culture and trends, from music and fashion to social movements. Their political activism accounts for MANY improvements in our lives.

It is important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the Baby Boomer generation. They have shaped the world we live in and will continue to do so for years to come. We can all learn from their example and strive to make a positive impact in our communities.

I Am A Proud Baby Boomer

In my own life, now in my 70s, I can look back on many years of both fun times and challenges. I particularly relate to the rapid growth and changes brought about by technology. I would love to live forever just to see what human innovation will continue to develop in the years to come. Yet, I do lament over things lost to us and changes I see as sad. Things such as our safety, world unrest, terrorism, needless mass killings, political division, and the struggles we still have with racial and sexual equality.

I try in my small way to bring value to the Baby Boomer generation who visit my blog. That is why I have added the category of Baby Boomer Resources and will continue to add more information in the future. So, sit back, enjoy some Fine Wine, and pop those SNAPS for brain health; let’s enjoy our lives for all it is worth.

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