Elementary Teachers of Brainfood Academy

Brainfood Academy has looked far and wide for the best and most exceptional elementary teachers. I feel we have accomplished that goal. Our priority here at Brainfood Academy is to give your child an exemplary view of how education can work for them. We want to teach your child not indoctrinate them. Our teachers love what they do. Their sole purpose is to show your child the joys of learning. Build confidence in themselves. Show them the value of their opinion and help them to seek out the truth in all things. Our Brainfood Academy is a wonder to behold. Check more information about our amazing online Academy and see if it is what you are looking for in better education for your child.

The main objective of this article is to introduce you to the amazing elementary teacher we have for you here at Brainfood Academy. Although our school is brand new, our teachers have years of experience. They want to share that experience with your children. From Kindergarten to 5th grade, our teacher will draw your child into a world of learning unlike anything they have ever experienced. All through the median of online education with Zoom and a bit of imagination.

Meet Our Elementary Teachers

As you will see, our teachers span all grades and subjects. However, each teacher has decided which subject and grade they are best equipped to teach our incoming students. Some of our teachers are so gifted it was very difficult for them to choose only one class. As a result, they didn’t choose. Which is all good for our students. Now, they will have the ability to learn from their favorite teacher in various subjects.

Let’s start with our Kindergarten

As we get our Brainfood Academy up and going, all our wonderful teachers will be working with our kindergarten students. Our classes will encompass any child between the ages of 3 to 5. Kindergarten here at Brainfood Academy is free!!! With that being said, let’s visit our other teachers that you will have the privilege of working with.

First and Second Grade Elementary Teachers

Wendy Naruse – 1st grade Math

meet our elementary teachers for our brainfood academy online private school

Ms. Wendy is a fun and energetic teacher who lives in Hawaii. Her culture and belief in education will be an asset your students will benefit from. With the help of her sidekick Felix, she will take you on an adventure with math that you cannot believe. Ms. Wendy and Felix teach you how math surrounds you. With worksheets, videos, and visual aids, you will discover a whole new world with numbers. No longer let the fear of learning math hound your child. Ms. Wendy will open the doors for them. All they need to do is walk through. So, if you want to see what Ms. Wendy and Felix have in store for you, then watch her video. She is one of many elementary teachers here at Brainfood Academy who is ready to get your child surrounded with educational fun and learning.

Jay Fish – 1st and 2nd grade language arts, 3rd-4th grade science, 1st and 2nd grade Music/art and beginner sign language(for all grades)

meet our elementary teachers for our brainfood academy online private school

This bubbly and fun-loving lady is a “hands-on” kind of teacher. She talks with her hands!!! So much fun to watch her teach and educate our students. She will be guiding our children on multiple platforms. From Language arts to math and Science. Ms. Jay will make sure that your child leaves no stone unturned in their education status with her. Within her class, you will pick up other little tidbits of learning and great little nuggets to help you along your educational journey. Here in this video, Ms. Jay Fish introduces herself and her approach to teaching.

Jackie Starling: 1st grade math/reading, 3rd grade math/science, 4th grade Math

Jackie Staling: teacher

Have you heard the BUZZ about this amazing elementary teacher? Mrs. Starling is all a buzz with learning math, reading, and science. Spanning several grades, she utilizes her educational expertise to help further your child’s education. She will put the Buzz in their ear about learning. With many years of experience in the educational system, she brings all that knowledge to our Brainfood Academy. Indeed, you will not believe what your child will learn from her class!! See what the BUZZ is about in Ms. Jackie Starling’s introductory video:

Meet Our Third Through Fifth Grade Elementary Teachers

Matthew Janecek: 2nd – 5th grade Histories

meet our elementary teachers for our brainfood academy online private school

Want to bring discussion back into the classroom with history? Then you want Mr. Matt for the job. He will enlighten, enthrall, and enrapture the student in all things history. He is bringing back intellectual conversation and discussion. You cannot know the future until you understand the past and how it relates to the present. That is his quote and I agree. With his country look and attitude, your child will have a whole different perspective on history and culture in Mr. Matt’s class. See what is in store for you in his video!!

Dawn Tulini: 1st – 4th grade Language Arts

meet our elementary teachers for our brainfood academy online private school

The Dawn of a new era is at hand with Language arts. Ms. Dawn will challenge your child in all things related to language arts. From reading, spelling, arts, crafts, and writing. By building their confidence in creating stories within their foundations, Ms. Dawn will guide your students on the adventure of a lifetime in the art of language arts. Through fine education and refined teaching, your child will be a wiz in spelling, can write well, and carry on in-depth and meaningful conversations. Meet Ms. Dawn Tulini here in her video and see if she is the right teacher for you.

Mary George – 5th grade Math

Mary, Mary is not so contrary when it comes to math. With fun-loving skills, Ms Mary will take you on an adventure with math. She shows you how math is in everything. All around you math abounds. In her class, you will experience the joys of learning numbers, equations, and sentences relative to numbers. Numbers need not be scary!! Ms. Mary’s adventure in learning math will help you overcome any adversity you have to learning math. With patience and guidance, she will endeavor to make sure you leave her class with a full understanding of all things 5th-grade math.

Learn More About Brainfood Academy

As we grow, we want everyone to be able to be a part of this amazing program. You can join for free with a free parent account. This allows you to sign up for our Brainfood Academy and have a look around our platform. You can see our teachers, curriculum, and schedule.

Once you approve of our program, you can then register your student and select your teachers and classes. Your journey to online education is at hand. Join us here at Brainfood Academy and let our elementary teachers enlighten your child’s education to new heights from the safety of your home!! Learning has never been easier than here with us at Brainfood Academy. Get more information about our Brainfood Academy and Tutoring Center by following this link.

Teachers Wanted and Welcomed

Are you a teacher looking for a better environment to show off your skills? Tired of being told what and how to teach? We have an opportunity for you to look at here at Brainfood Academy. For more information view this page and see if you are ready for this change.

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