Sholdit: The Original Infinity Scarf With A Pocket

The hottest accessory for men and women: the Infinity Scarf by Sholdit. The various styles are sure to please everyone, everywhere!!

The world’s only patent-pending handbag that can be worn as a scarf! Perfect for:

  • Hands-free comfort
  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Evenings out
  • Sporting events

Scarves are a year-round accessory sported by everyone: moms, dads, business folks, front-line workers, and celebrities alike. It seems they never go out of style. But have you ever had one with a very secure pocket??

Well, now the Sholdit Infinity Scarf is available. You see these presented on Good Morning America, Oprah, The View, and All About Town!!

pocket scarfs

They can be used as an accessory, a covering, a lightweight shawl, or just an everyday garment for comfort. The styles, for both men and women, are perfect. You’ll want one for yourself and gifts for spouses, parents, siblings, friends, or co-workers. The pocket is perfect for securing a cell phone, notepad, pen, make-up, keys…you name it. If it fits, it is secure!!

Check out this video for some of the styling ideas:

Maybe the most common use is to replace the purse, especially when out running errands. The scarf with a pocket not only provides warmth, but is stylish, and keeps those important items close at hand and secure. Keep your hands free while still having your ID, cellphone, credit cards, and keys right at your fingertips. DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!


Let’s face it. When there is an accessory that serves a purpose, is extremely secure, and so versatile, why wouldn’t everyone want one of these? Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Appropriate for all seasons. Even more, this pocket scarf serves multiple purposes. As we all know in the summer popping in and out of air-conditioned establishments can put the chill on you!! Particularly restaurants and movie theaters where you will be sitting awhile. Winter can be harsh in many parts of the world. By wearing your pocket scarf you can use it as a shawl for warmth but still have the essentials where you can reach them easily. So convenient and multifunctional.

Sholdit: Pocket Scarf For Travel

We all know traveling can be stressful. This is especially true when you fly, try to manage luggage, and keep track of the youngsters (or even your spouse, LOL). What about time on a tour bus when maybe you go off to sleep and can’t be sure your belongings are safe? This is also true when strolling around unfamiliar places, carrying bags, or placing a call. So this pocket scarf is fashionably functional!! Along with serving as a shawl to use instead of asking for a blanket.

Take a look at this other accessory. It is Sholdit’s CONVERTIBLE SARONG WITH POCKET™ and it is a great cover-up for a bathing suit that can also serve as a stylish tote bag. Perfect for the beach or poolside, conveniently cover up while keeping your valuables safe, secure, and by your side.  Avoid the pain of stressing over your valuables and gain a new hands-free leisure time.

Have you gone to an event, maybe attending a sporting event or a concert, only to find out you cannot take your purse or backpack?? Not only can this provide warmth, and secure your valuables, but also allows you to be hands-free to cheer your team or applaud your appreciation!!

Sholdit: for Men Too

Yes, fellas, Sholdit has you covered too!! There is this pocket gaiter, also with a pocket. Wear it out and about with your essentials (earbuds, keys, pocket cash, etc.) close at hand and very secure. No one will even know you have your valuables stored here!! Imagine how handy this will be on a walk/run, riding your bike or motorcycle, out fishing, or just hanging out with the guys!! See how it can also be worn as a beanie cap. Also, the scarves now come in plaids and other colors that are more unisex-friendly.

SHOLDIT: For Moms and Dads With Infants

sholdit infinity scarf

WOW, where was this accessory when I had my young sons? So handy for any Mom, nursing or not. Along with Dad’s having the ability to have a hand free. Your little one with be warm and comfortable next to you and again, your essentials will be easily accessible. Not only can it be used for carrying the youngster, but also grab it when running out of the house to do some quick errands.

So order yours today and be sure to check out Shodit’s Sale Page for savings up to 50%!! This is a must-have for any wardrobe!!!

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