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Nootropic Supplements are not new, read on. The latest in nootropic supplements are taking the world by storm. We are realizing that our memory and ability to focus throughout the day are one of our greatest assets. Now, these convenient and great-tasting supplements are available. I have been taking these for several weeks and experiencing renewed energy and cognitive function throughout the full day. With my focus on Health and Wellness, these supplements receive my endorsement.

The latest in Cognitive Technology is bringing us convenient Nootropic Supplements. You can order yours HERE.

As a retired nurse, I developed this Blog Livestyle Path to Wellness to follow my passion for bringing information to others and helping them to achieve and maintain health and wellness in their lives. I have known about the category of nootropic drugs throughout my nursing career. Some drugs in this category are used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and cognitive disorders, and are found in some over-the-counter type stimulants.

But, for the everyday person, these are not ideal drugs or additives; I would never recommend them as natural supplements to improve your memory and daily focus. Even the popular energy drinks many people use to get through the day can cause more problems than they are worth. Most energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, added sugar, and legal stimulants such as guarana, taurine, and L-carnitine. The concern is that the amount of these ingredients may be higher than the recommended amounts for safe use.

But, what can you safely use to improve your memory and cognitive functions?  That has been a question I have asked myself for years. Now, there is a cutting-edge Nootropic Supplement available to help with Memory, Creativity, Focus, and Motivation. It is possible to achieve an improved level and performance in all of these areas.

Brān – Latest in Nootropics

My discovery is called Brān. And I want to share this with you. By taking into account the complexities, functions, and processes of the brain, Scientists created a healthy alternative to energy drinks and supplements previously available.

The product packaging is unique. Brān comes in a card called a SNAP. You simply fold the card in half, and it snaps open to access the 15ml dosage that contains 20mg of Niacin and 100mg of green coffee bean (natural caffeine). You get a cup of coffee in a 15ml dose and will not get the jitters from it!!! The snaps come in 4 different flavors GO HERE.

Lemon Drop is full of flavor, and a favorite of many. Take it straight or just add it to water and it is like having a little lemonade. It has a light lemon drop flavor.

Caramel Macchiato is like having espresso but not accompanied by the jitters! This is my husband’s favorite. I like to add this to my second cup of coffee in the late morning.

Chocolate Sea Salt (my personal favorite) is for those who love chocolate. If you dilute this in water you have a tasty chocolate drink. I think it tastes smooth, like chocolate milk.

Chocolate Mint is the latest regular flavor and it has become a top seller.

In my daily routine, I typically get up early, have my first cup of coffee, and take care of my household activities like taking care of my pets, watering the outdoor plants, and catching up on the morning news and emails. I may even do a little housework like laundry and cleaning up the kitchen (does it ever stay clean? NO!) Next, I sit down at my computer to work with my Network students and follow up on any social media postings (like my blog here). By 11 AM I often feel like I am running into a wall and that feeling seems to last throughout the afternoon.

Does It REALLY Work?

I am pretty skeptical when it comes to claims of products. I am a Show-Me kinda gal. So I approach the use of Brān with a scientific mind. I tried taking it at different times of the day and purposefully tracking my energy and ability to focus. Initially, I started taking it at about 11 AM but it didn’t reach its full effect until early afternoon. Now I take it earlier, like about 9 AM and I no longer feel that late-morning slump. I am like totally over that!!! My focus and drive have improved THROUGHOUT THE DAY ten-fold. I couldn’t be happier and more productive!!!

A friend of mine, Beth J., who has been taking Brān tells me she “had knocked off a full 2 minutes (2 minutes and 6 seconds, to be exact) per mile off of my walking time. That’s 6 minutes total off my morning walk. I couldn’t believe it! Days 4, 5, and 6 confirmed my results”. Now, I have become motivated to get out and start a morning walk as well. My dogs are certainly enjoying that!!!

This product can improve your memory. This is one of the many benefits. As we get older having better memory could help to delay or stop Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. There has been no FDA testing or certification for this specific product, however, Nootropic Supplements have been shown to improve Memory, Cognition, Sensory enhancements, Learning, Alertness, and Wakefulness.

How Do You Take Brān?

It is a SNAP!!! Simply fold the packet where you see the perforation and let the liquid flow into your mouth. Then let the liquid sit under your tongue for about 15 seconds and swallow it. It is as easy as that. If you prefer, you can add the Brān to a liquid such as water or coffee. The packets are so convenient to carry with you to get that brain and performance boost when you want it. You can take more than one packet a day, but one SNAP should do it for you!

How Will You Feel?

People love how it makes them feel; that is the BOTTOM LINE!! After taking your Snap, reactions typically go through three different stages. When you are intuned to your body you can feel yourself going through the different stages:

Alpha Stage: The nootropic is absorbed into your body to enhance its performance. There is a boost to your mental energy giving the feeling of mental well-being. You begin to feel spring in your step.

Beta Stage: The nootropics provide a feeling of calmness and your mood is boosted even further with positive thinking.

Omega Stage: Here in the final stage your mental acuity and performance are noticeably enhanced. You become more focused and have sharpness in your mental alertness.

Are There Side Effects?

While researching this product, and in my use, I have not learned of any side effects. As with all dietary supplements, you should consult with your healthcare provider if you have a medical condition or are using any medications. All the ingredients in Brān are non-GMO, and vegan, and are on the FDA generally regarded as a safe list (GRAS).


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Reviewed and Updated 10/30/23