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Welcome to Lifestyle Path To Wellness, your dedicated space for navigating the intricate journey of health and well-being. Whether you’re a long-time friend or a newcomer, I’m excited to share a plethora of information that extends beyond mere trends. Here, you’ll not only gain insights into current health and wellness developments but also encounter a blend of personal perspectives and professional advice.


My commitment to you is to keep this space dynamic and relevant. Expect regular updates featuring intriguing products and services associated with our discussions. The goal is to foster an ongoing dialogue about the ever-evolving world of wellness. We strive to keep you well-informed and equipped to enhance your well-being.

So, why am I on this journey of sharing wellness insights with you? Simply put, this mirrors the lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself. I delve into the latest research, consult with experts, and then pass on the knowledge to you. Consider this site your source for groundbreaking information, transformative products, and services that can positively impact your life. The diversity of offerings might surprise you, but each has been curated with your well-being in mind.

My Passion – Empowering the Baby Boomer Generation:

In my retirement, I’ve discovered a newfound purpose – supporting retirees and those nearing retirement. I love assisting others to craft their lives filled with happiness, health, and purpose. As a fellow baby boomer, I understand the unique challenges we face. This isn’t a solo journey. I’m here to guide you toward a balanced and fulfilling life through valuable information and inspiration.

I’m also part of a remarkable community where I not only grow an online business but also acquire skills to stay active and assist others in achieving their personal and financial goals. The support within this community exceeds my expectations, and I’m eager to share these enriching experiences with you.

Exploring New Horizons in Health and Wellness:


From uncovering valuable information to accessing resources that improve lives, this space is a hub for discovering ways to live better, richer, and healthier lives. The internet constantly introduces new opportunities, and I enjoy exploring them for you. Stay updated as I share incredible products and services that might have limited availability – be sure to register for email notifications.

Favorite Finds:

One noteworthy discovery on this wellness journey is the world of Network Marketing. Having spent my entire career in healthcare, I found a fulfilling path to balance and engagement in my senior years through this avenue. It’s not just about making an income; it’s about helping others achieve their dreams. While Network Marketing may not be for everyone, anyone can succeed with the right mindset and consistency.

Balancing Act – My Evening Glass of Wine:

While pursuing a healthy lifestyle, I savor a glass of wine a few evenings a week. Research indicates that a moderate amount of wine is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease – crucial for someone with a family history of heart issues like myself. Following a Keto and Alkaline diet, I find joy in the fact that a glass of wine typically contains minimal net carbs. To share this pleasure with you, I’ve uncovered a fantastic Wine of the Month Club through Direct to Consumer offerings.

What’s Next?

Expect an ongoing stream of offers and online finds encompassing health and wellness. These are not just random selections but products and services that I either use or have been recommended by viewers like you. As the content grows, explore the various categories to find what resonates with you.

Thank you for visiting, and remember to keep returning for more insights. I aim to assist you in making your life better. Taking our health and wellness seriously is an individual responsibility, and I’m here to provide the information and inspiration needed for a long and healthy life. Feel free to reach out via email anytime, and by registering, you’ll receive timely updates on discoveries and exciting online finds. Enjoy the journey!

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